Far Infrared Ionic Heater

Far Infrared Ionic Heater

12301094 Far Infrared Ionic Heater

Far Infrared Ionic Heater
Far Infrared Ionic Heater

The FIR Ionic heater adopts non-visible heat heating, and the far-infrared emissivity is as high as 90.2%. It does not need to be preheated and does not need to wait, providing you with a high-efficiency effect immediately. The far-infrared rays produced directly give your body warmth, do not consume oxygen, and are not easily absorbed by water molecules in the air, so the air is not dry, to help the baby or elder to sleep easily.

Product Features

■ Far-Infrared Emissivity Reaches 90.2%
Using unique technology, which can produce 90.2% far-infrared emissivity, continuous uninterrupted, comparable to professional medical grade far-infrared lamps.

■ Warm Moxibustion
Using the non-thermal effect of far infrared rays, it can be absorbed by the skin and regulate the biochemical reactions in the human body. In the cold weather in autumn and winter, when women’s hands and feet are usually cold or physically painful, continuous warm irradiation through far infrared rays produces warm moxibustion function, which can improve microcirculation and promote physiological activity.

■ Fast Warm Up a Room
Open the switch and heat directly, the left and right swing angle is up to 90 degrees, which can increase the effect of convection and acceleration the warming up, and improve the overall temperature (the traditional electric heater is slowly partial rise temperature), which is most suitable for 15-24m2 small space of rooms.

■ Negative Ions
The built-in negative ion generator is capable of generating negative ions, adsorbing charged particles in the air and combining them and then fall on the ground to improve air quality.

■ Safe and Reliable
It adopts far-infrared ceramic heating, which is made in Taiwan. When it dumping by accidently touch, it will activate a safe power-off system. There is no exposed heating element on the outside to prevent dangerous situations caused by high-temperature touch. The weight of the body is only 1kg, which is small and maneuverable, easy to move or carry out.

Specifications Table

Product NameLAFI Far Infrared Ionic Heater
Power110Vac / 60Hz (Taiwan)
Power Consumption850W
Rated power Consumption400W, 800W
Place of OriginTaiwan

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