Far Infrared Hair Dryer

Far Infrared Hair Dryer

12301066 Far Infrared Hair Dryer

Far Infrared Hair Dryer
Far Infrared Hair Dryer

O Health Far-infrared Hair Dryer adopts honeycomb-type far-infrared ceramics with ultra-low electromagnetic wave technology, and it has been proved by Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute that the far-infrared emissivity is as high as 0.882, which can not only maintain the constant temperature, but also achieve far-infrared rays with large volume and stable emissivity. Infrared heating allows the thermal energy to penetrate directly into the cortex of the hair follicle. The hair is uniformly minute.

The special patented super force concentrator is equipped with a high-density negative ion output of 2 million per. The super force concentrator simulates the masseur's hand strength with the change of wind speed. When the hair is blown, the scalp massage effect is also achieved. The hair is moisturized, soft and shiny conservation heated from the inside to the outside, and the electromagnetic wave is much lower than that of the conventional nickel-chromium-heated hair dryer.


■ Far Infrared Radiation Rate Up to 0.882
The far-infrared honeycomb ceramics adopts unique patented formula and technology, which can generate a large amount of far-infrared rays and ultra-low electromagnetic waves. The far-infrared emissivity of the far-infrared ray is up to 0.882, which is far higher than the general far-infrared ceramics and stable, and can uniformly dissipate heat. Keep the temperature constant, and do not over-dry and damage the hair due to thermal imbalance.

■ Extremely Low Electromagnetic Wave
After testing by the instrument, the electromagnetic wave of the far-infrared hair dryer outlet is only 1/10 or lower of the traditional hair dryer, which is safer and healthier for the whole family.

■ Negative Ion Energy
Built-in high-density negative ion generator produces a large amount of negative ions, negative ions can keep the hair moist and smooth, shiny, help the hair to maintain moisture inside, no hair frizziness, completely moisturize the hair to bring full protection.

■ Warm Moxibustion Function
Using the principle of far-infrared rays to infiltrate and resonate on the human body, the special design "Warm Moxibustion button and stand bracket", the far-infrared hair dryer can be easily mounted on the stand bracket, press the button to switch to warm moxibustion function, and the hair dryer vent is aimed at the body pain part, and feel the amazing effects instantly.


Product Name: Far Infrared Rays Hair Dryer
Rated Voltage:110V(Taiwan)
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Power consumption: 850W
Safety Device: Yes (high temperature automatic power off)
Hair Dryer Specs: 270X270X90mm
Bracket Specs: 215X215X120mm
Bracket Material: ABS
Base Material: Galvanized Steel
Accessories: vent, hot bracket
Place of Origin: Taiwan


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