Far Infrared Eye Nose Mask

Far Infrared Eye Nose Mask

Far Infrared Eye Nose Mask

Far Infrared Eye Nose Mask
Far Infrared Eye Nose Mask

Far Infrared Fabric Series
"Far Infrared Eye Mask" adopts the most advanced unplugged patented nano technology "fast hot yarn", which can quickly accumulate the heat energy emitted by the body and strengthen the far infrared light energy and then feed it back to the body. The large area can be covered. To the face and nose part, let the far-infrared rays penetrate the resonance light effect so that the face can raise the temperature from the inside out, there is no danger of external heating.

Product Features

Unplugged ‧ nanometer light energy technology

● With far infrared and negative ions, especially rare Nano-Ge (Nano-Germanium)

● Ge, far infrared powder is dissolved into the fiber by special technology, the cleaning will not fall off, and the performance is permanent and effective.

● The lining uses the patented heating cloth "fast hot yarn + Ge far infrared fiber", which can absorb the self-heating and feedback heat energy.

● The lining is woven with patented weave, which has good air permeability, no dyeing and excellent skin-friendly properties. It is comfortable and soft to touch when exposed to skin.

● Elastic adhesive headband, can be used on any face and head circumference

The far-infrared rays have the effect of penetrating resonance light, which can effectively penetrate the heat into the lower layer and the acupuncture points of the facial skin, 0.879% average stability emissivity and long-term heat storage, just like warm moxibustion, bringing comfort and relaxation, soothing the face when stress and tired all day long.

● Far infrared thermal imaging face test

After 10 minutes of thermal imaging test with a far-infrared eye mask, it is obvious from the film that the temperature around the eyes and the nose and forehead are significantly improved.

Specifications Table

Product Name Far Infrared Eye Nose Mask
Ingredients Main fabric (cotton), lining(100% Polyester Fiber (Black Heat Generated Yarn+ Germanium Far Infrared Yarn))
Size23.5cm x 13cm
ColorMain fabric (black) / lining (natural gray)
Place of OriginTaiwan

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