Far Infrared Blanket / Far Infrared Scarf

Far Infrared Blanket / Far Infrared Scarf

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Far Infrared Blanket / Far Infrared Scarf
Far Infrared Blanket / Far Infrared Scarf

The "Far Infrared Health Blanket and Scarf" uses the most advanced Nano technology “Germanium Far Infrared Fiber + Heat Generated Yarn”, which can quickly accumulate the heat energy emitted by the human body, and then convert the light energy which release to our bodies could absorb completely. It can quickly raise the temperature of the skin to more than 4 °C in 5 minutes. It has more insulation effect than the general blanket, and prevents the heat losing form human body. The “Dual Heat Generated Function” is the best way for rapid heating and warming.

Product Features

■ Y+O Unique Fracture Surface
Far infrared blanket content 96 fibers in each yarn, and weaving with heat generated yarn. Every fiber has Y+O unique fracture surface, could reduce the weight 20-25%. The design of Y+O could increase more surface and more space in the fibers, which can improve the breath and drain moisture. And also can trap a lot of dead air and achieve warming effectiveness.

■ Rare Germanium
Using a special patented technology, the 0.3μm far infrared ray and the Germanium powder are evenly distributed, and are drawn into a fiber of 7-10 μm (about 1/30 of the hair size) by a refined textile machine, and the far infrared ray and germanium powder are coated in the fiber, and it is not easy to lose its energy when washing.
Germanium is a precious rare-element. When the environment temperature or contact human skin and
reach 32〬C, the germanium will release negative ions. The negative ions can absorb positive ions from human body, neutralize the bioelectric current, and improve the human health.

■ Energy is Permanently Effective
The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute test report proves that the far-infrared blanket has an emissivity of 87.9%, and its far-infrared and germanium energy will not disappear due to washing, and it will be permanent and effective.

■ Natural Color
Weaving does not use dyeing materials, so that the cloth naturally forms a natural color, and there is no need to worry about chemical residues.

■ Nano Soft Technology
For general functional blanket, the material is rough, the touch is poor and uncomfortable. Compare with general functional blanket in the market, we use soft Nano technique to improve our blanket, the material is more detailed and the touch is more soft and comfortable. You can feel O Health gentle care after covering.

■ Repeatable Cleaning
Can be directly thrown into the washing machine to wash. Due to it is pure natural fiber, do not use dry cleaning, do not dry and bleach, prohibit the use of brightening oxidants (can make more bright additives), special protein detergent (specialized wash biological protein) or chlorine bleach (washing white clothing) to avoid damage to fiber and energy.

● Far-infrared rays deep into the body ‧ body temperature rises quickly and lasts for a long time
The far-infrared health blanket is made of the most advanced nano-textile technology, which combines the “Ge Far Infrared Fiber + Fast-heating Yarn”. In the experiment of heating and temperature-extension, the thermal imager shows that the temperature of the far-infrared health blanket covers the body and rises rapidly.
Even after the far-infrared health blanket is opened, it can be seen from the color and temperature data of the thermal imager that the far-infrared rays of the far-infrared health blanket still act on the body, and after 10 minutes, the body continues to heat up and the temperature does not cool down.

Specifications Table

Product NameFar Infrared Blanket
Ingredients 100% Polyester Fiber (Black Heat Generated Yarn+ Germanium Far Infrared Yarn)
Size120cm X 180cm (single)
Weight 650 grams
Place of OriginTaiwan

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